Open Call for Seeding, the 5th VONMO Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition in 2026

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Published: 22.10.2023
Open Call for Seeding, the 5th VONMO Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition in 2026.
Vonmo Gallery
Felicia Li
DEADLINE: 10/06/2024

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In 2019, I launched VONMO’s "first five-year exhibition" project, which is now nearing its end: The "Chinese Mythology" 1st exhibition on humanity in 2020, the "Intimate Relationship" 2nd exhibition on people in 2021, the " Purifying the Soul " 3rd exhibition on philosophical reflection on a soul level in 2022, and the  "This Jewelry Is 100yuan" 4th exhibition on values in 2023.

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With regard to some major issues concerning people and the world, I think artists and I have discussed and practiced them in depth or superficially. I am very grateful to the artists of the jury (Catarina Silva, Gigi Mariani, Hongxia Wang, Kim Buck, Maria Rosa Franzin, Ruudt Peters, Wang Kezhen, and Zhao Yi) for being with me all along, and I would also like to thank all the artists who have contributed to my art projects. Although the exhibition projects were beset with ups and downs as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, they are absolutely wonderful and evocative. For me, curation is also a part of creation, which is full of causality and logic, so I hope that though the last exhibition is the end, it could also a new beginning.

"Travelling eastward to Jieshi Mountain, seeding jewelry in the ground" -such is the content of this 5th exhibition: We are still collecting works from all over the world, but the only difference is that this time there is no restriction on the subject matter and concept of the works. After we choose the works that we think are worth reviewing and appreciating again and again, we would "travel eastward to Jieshi Mountain" on the coast of China and seed them in the ground, letting them go through the baptism of nature and time, until two years later (2026, which will be the beginning of our next exhibition program of VONMO), when they will be dug up and put on an exhibition like museum antiques.

"Whether it can withstand the baptism and tempering of the years, and stand the test of time" -here, it refers not to the material of the works of art, but to art itself! Will the art views about which we are complacent still satisfy us after a few years, and are they still able to appeal to the audience? Dug up many years later, the contemporary jewelry works may no longer be contemporary, just like the antiques we see in museums, which become things of the past and are examined by the future. So, it's a "future exhibition": the hopes and expectations of the artists are "seeding", in which process art will be interpreted anew, and artists will produce new feelings through waiting. Contemporary jewelry (its concept or form) might already be "dead" at present, but our creative artists will bring them back to life. All the worries of our peers about the development of contemporary jewelry are the motivation for our moving forward, because "Don't worry about the long road ahead, the wind will lend you a hand".

Key Dates:
Submission deadline
: June 10, 2024
Shortlist released on: July 15, 2024
Time of "Seeding": October, 2024
Time of exhibition: October 2026

Submission Requirements:
  • The submitted works shall not contain plant seeds or animal carcasses.
  • Each artist shall accept any changes that may occur after the work has been buried in the soil for two years! Although we will use a sealed box to seal the work, we do not ensure the effect of underground humidity and temperature on it, including the effect of soil microorganisms thereon.
  • We only accept works created after 2020.
  • No entry fee or exhibition fee is required.
  • Each person can submit only one work.
  • Please contact the curator (Email: for the application form.
  • Works are required to be original. Plagiarism will be disqualified for inclusion and exhibition.
  • In case of any copyright dispute, it has nothing to do with the organizer. If the artist cannot solve it quickly, the organizer will cancel his/her entry qualification after seven days.

Notice after being shortlisted:
1- After receiving the notification of shortlisting, please use the strongest anti-crash packing method to safely pack your work and post it, and then inform us of the tracking number by email, so that we can track and query.
2- A shortlisted artist only needs to bear the postage of safely posting his/her work to VONMO, and no other costs will be incurred. We will inform you by email when we receive the tangible work.
3- The organizer reserves the following rights: to freely display the invited and selected works, to freely take photos of the exhibited works and publicly use the photos for free, and to publicly use the author's personal information for free, which is all used for the domestic and overseas publicity of the exhibition and for the public printing and publication of a collection of works
4- After the end of the exhibition in 2026, VONMO will post back the works, exhibition certificates and exhibition albums of the participating artists one by one.

Publisher: Yusen Feng
Curator: Felicia Li

About Vonmo (万木) Exhibition Projects:
Felicia Li, the director of Vonmo, and Ms/Mr Feng officially established Vonmo(万木) Art Jewelry Studio in 2016, who began the preparation in 2014. We are committed to pursuing the innovative direction of integration between contemporary art jewelry and traditional Chinese culture. Since 2019, we have curated Vonmo’s 1st Five-Year Plan, namely once a year and a new theme for each. We associate international artists to show jewelry works at home and abroad with the aim of creating a pure, equal, fair, diverse, and professional exchange platform for contemporary art jewelry.