Open Call for SM*CK #4 Greece_200

Open call  /  17 May 2021  -  06 Jun 2021
Published: 17.05.2021
Open Call for SM*CK #4 Greece_200.
ZLR Betriebsimperium
Christoph Ziegler, Loukia Richards
DEADLINE: 06/06/2021

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Pforzheim School of Design reflects on Greece's impact on jewelry. Students accept challenge and create work for SMCK Magazine No. 4 // #Greece_200.
Under the title Nostalgia/Sehnsucht, fourteen PF SD students created jewelry inspired by longing for something lost or yet to come. Greece nurtured their imagination, as it has done with Goethe and Hörderlin who shaped the classicist movement without ever having visited Greece.
SMCK Magazine For Independent Artists highlights trends and ideas in the making. In our 4th issue, we have invited students to give their interpretation of the impact Greek heritage has on contemporary jewelry.

Pforzheim School of Design (PF SD) professors Christine Lüdeke and Andreas Gut initiated and chaired a workshop answering SMCK Magazine's call: What is Greece to you?

The following PF SD statement describes how communication of ideas and insight between various agents - academia and press - can boost dialogue and creativity:

"One year on in this pandemic. Shaded with the melancholy of mourning the way things were or tinged with hopeful anticipation of how things might be, the spectrum is as wide as we are all different. SMCK Magazine’s next issue topic immediately inspired us to make an one week semester kick-off workshop".

Under the title Nostalgia/Sehnsucht, fourteen PF SD students created jewelry summing up their experience of being locked down and longing for recovery. The students approached Greece with their imagination, after the paradigm set by Goethe and Hörderlin. The German poets played a decisive role in shaping the classicist movement in Europe although they never set foot in the country.

In 2021 Greece marks the 200th anniversary of its War of Independence from the Othoman Empire. The Greek struggle inspired 19th-century artists and intellectuals, such as Lord Byron and Eugène Delacroix, and breached the anti-liberal European order.

SMCK's #Greece_200 presents PF SD students' new work and also features:
• A 18th century ‘multimedia’ map promoted radical ideas in reactionary Europe
• Updated Orthodox icons address marginal populations within the American society
• Necropolis jewelry reveals Minoan concepts of life and death
• Fund raising through art - Fulbright Greece successful initiative explained
• A body that demands fatal pleasures - C.P.Cavafis, a Greek poet from Alexandria
• Greek folk jewelry and textile treasures of the Peloponnesian Folkore Foundation
• Social trend: A garden in over-urbanized Athens
and much more...
With an average of 4,500 online visitors and appr. 10,000 page views per month, SMCK Magazine's #Greece_200 advertorial campaign will promote artists and institutions whose work or mission is expressed by the hashtags:
#beauty #democracy #spirituality #reason
Contact us before 6 June 2021 for further details on our campaign and for designing your individual strategy! Be seen by the ones you deserve to network with!
Jakob Althoff: "Wiggle Room", Photo: Petra Jaschke..
Jakob Althoff: "Wiggle Room", Photo: Petra Jaschke.

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Lifu Zhou: "Longing", Photo: Petra Jaschke..
Lifu Zhou: "Longing", Photo: Petra Jaschke.

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Tina Klenkar: "Sehnsucht / no title", Photo: Petra Jaschke..
Tina Klenkar: "Sehnsucht / no title", Photo: Petra Jaschke.

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Valeria Fernandez: "Longing", Photo: Petra Jaschke..
Valeria Fernandez: "Longing", Photo: Petra Jaschke.

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