PhD Programme in the field of Jewellery Design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

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Published: 13.12.2017

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The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp is accepting new PhD proposals in 2018. The fellowships are organized in collaboration with ARIA, the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts.
PhD in Arts
Artistic Research (research in the arts) differs substantially from research on the arts (such as art history, musicology, performance studies etc). The results of an artistic PhD project are in the first place artistic and are recognized as such by peers. The doctor in arts is however also willing to dialogue with his peers and to communicate about her/his research trajectory. 

The title of ‘Doctor of Arts’ is conferred by the university. Students who are preparing a PhD in the arts are considered students of the university, more specifically of the Antwerp Doctoral School, where they are enrolled in the doctoral study programme. They have two supervisors: a member of the university’s senior academic staff (lecturer, senior lecturer or professor) and a supervisor from one of the Antwerp Schools of Arts. An individual PhD commission, consisting of three or four members, also monitors the progress of their doctoral research. You can find out more about all of these aspects in the brochure ‘Doing a PhD at the University of Antwerp’. We work closely with docARTES, a doctoral study programme offered by the Orpheus Institute, for PhDs in music. PhD students focusing on the performing arts have the option of working with a.pass. For audiovisual and visual arts, we work with the other Schools of Arts in the context of SeminArt.

Admission to the doctoral study programme
ARIA’s steering committee oversees admissions to the doctoral study programme. Students are accepted following a binding recommendation issued by OR-ARIA, ARIA’s research board, which is a consultative body comprising researchers of the three Antwerp Schools of Arts and a number of research groups at the university. The student must then use a special form to apply for the programme, which can be downloaded from the website of the Antwerp Doctoral School subsite.

 Read the procedure and information carefully at our Website.

The PhD candidate is an artist or a designer and holds a relevant Master’s degree (or equally) in the study area of Fine Arts. Applicants are expected to conduct research that explores issues or methodologies situated in or proceeding from their own artistic or design practice, with due sense of discursivity.

The PhD proposal should correspond to ARIA’s vision. An artistic entrance exam may be organized during the application procedure.

For practical information about how PhD programmes are organized at ARIA, please consult the roadmap.