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TRIPLE PARADE Creative Writing 2016. Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer

Open call  /  Critical Thinking   Professional Practice   Research  /  10 Jun 2016  -  03 Jul 2016
Published: 10.06.2016
TRIPLE PARADE Creative Writing 2016. Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer.
Triple Parade
Jie Sun
DEADLINE: 03/07/2016

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TRIPLE PARADE, a prestigious annual international cultural project (non-profit), has become one of the leading contemporary applied art and design exhibition, where cultural exchanges are expanded between China and the rest of the world on a multitude of levels.
TRIPLE PARADE Book Publication.

The publication book is a knowledgeable guide to TRIPLE PARADE, perform both as literature and catalogue, with a new concept and a new approach to the content, and remains the ultimate printed platform for jewellery and related subjects. In order to make it so, a professional photographer and graphic designer will be committed to re-photograph the exhibited jewellery objects under a concept, and design the publication under this year's theme. Since the first Triple Parade Book had been launched at 2014, honorably, we have received the leading scholars to contributes on it, including Glenn Adamson (article), Gijs Bakker (interview), Boyi FENG (article), Liesbeth Den Besten (article), James Tergau (article) and so on.  It is a fantastic opportunity for established and aspiring writers and historians to showcase their interesting on the subject of contemporary jewellery / design / related culture to an international audience (Bilingual EN - CN). We are highly encourage the emerging young writers to apply and submit your thoughts.


You can choose one of the Categories, and one of the Entries Methods shown as below:

Category 1: Interview A + B / B + A
A: You (as writer, historian, curator)
B: Interviewee (who has the role of pioneer / outstanding / emerging within the field, as creator, or wearer, or viewer)
- The applicants could be the role of A, to collaborate B; or the role of B, to collaborate with A.
- The interview must contain pictures at least including Interviewee's portrait, but all types of image related to the dialogue content are welcomed.    
- There is no length limitation.
- Entries should be written in either English or Chinese language.

Category 2: Article A+Theme
You must have an interesting perspective on the theme of " Dialogue across You and Me to Them: Creator, Wearer, Viewer, but you are free to be creatively writing about it. The form of writing open to all types: Paper, Article, Review, Poetry, etc. There is no length limitation, but pictures involvement is required. Entries should be written in either English or Chinese language.

Method 1:
You can submit the already published material, but you must be the author or one of the chief author, and own the rights of re-publishing the writing material.

Method 2:
If you have an idea with proposal, the organization will be able to award an amount of subsidy for you to complete your idea on writing. The amount of subsidy needs to be discussed after the selection of your application. 
The selected entries will honorable receive:
1. Publication in the TRIPLE PARADE 2016 official book (both English and Chinese language)
2. Possibility Publication in the New Book which will be organized at 2017 and published by TONGJI UNIVERSITY PRESS Shanghai.
3. Possibility Publication in one of the leading Chinese Art / Design Magazine
4. Free copy of Publications which contains your selected paper.
5. TP Think-Tank Member for Future Collaboration (such as invitation of lecture, speech, writing commission, etc.)
6. Honorable mentioned as contributor on TP official website permanently.

Time Table:
Free Application Fee.
Deadline for proposal application: 3 July 2016
Deadline for final paper submission: 13 August 2016

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