Bead Weaving: Chain Necklace in CRAW by Mara Colecchia

Workshop  /  OnlineOnly  /  26 Apr 2022  -  17 May 2022
Published: 08.03.2022
Mara Colecchia. Necklace: Cantaloupe, 2021. Japanese seed, nylon threads, dimpled resin spheres.. From series: symmetries Collection. Mara Colecchia
Necklace: Cantaloupe, 2021
Japanese seed, nylon threads, dimpled resin spheres.
From series: symmetries Collection
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In this 4-week bead-weaving workshop, students will create a chain-necklace made of a bead mesh in CRAW (cubic right angle weave). Students will have the opportunity to learn and experiment with the basics of this rather meticulous beading technique, and to complete their work at home at their own pace, following instructions on a PDF file provided by the instructor.