Instrumental Endeavours #2 by Liana Pattihis

Workshop  /  OnlineOnly   ProfessionalPractice  /  29 Nov 2020  -  06 Dec 2020
Published: 24.11.2020
Instrumental Endeavours #2 by Liana Pattihis.
DEADLINE: 27/11/2020
Work by Liana Pattihis..
Work by Liana Pattihis.

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Organized by the Anticlastics Team and part of the Athens Jewelry Week 2020, this online workshop aims to offer an audio-visual experience to one’s creative self, which may have laid dormant over the past few months. It affords us the opportunity to process and interpret the visual stimulations and our emotional response to their relationship with music.
Listening to music is something I do whilst I work. It is always present, sometimes subtle and unobtrusive and others loud and unapologetic. It transcends boundaries, conscious and subconscious, as it allows my imagination to flow and my spirit to heighten. It clears my thoughts, invites play, and enhances my creativity.
/ Liana Pattihis

This class is directed at experienced jewelry artists, as well as ambitious jewelry students in their final year with an open and inquisitive nature when it comes to their work.

Instructor: Liana Pattihis (Cyprus/UK).
Dates: 29 Nov - 6 Dec.
10 hours over 3 days, plus individual consultation with participants working on the set project, in their own time and their own pace, between day 1 and day 8.
Language: English.
Fee: 210 € + VAT 24%
Number of participants: 10 people.

Day 1: Sunday 29 Nov, 2 pm - 7 pm (Athens time, GMT +2).
Introduction via zoom / PowerPoint presentation: Liana Pattihis’ work with an emphasis on the image and its interpretation / Short music/image/ jewelry related exercises.
Day 2 and 3: Participants work by themselves in their own space/time.
Day 4: Wednesday 2 Dec, 12 pm - 5 pm (Athens time, GMT +2).
Each participant will be allocated a time slot for a one-to-one consultation with Liana, via WhatsApp video, Facetime, or Zoom.
Day 5 and 6: Participants work by themselves in their own space/timetable.
Day 7: Saturday 5 Dec, 2 pm - 4 pm (Athens time, GMT +2).
Zoom group meeting.
Day 8: Sunday 6 Dec, 2 pm - 5 pm (Athens time, GMT +2). 
Final Presentation. Each participant will be presenting and talking via Ζoom, about their experience, thinking process, and final piece. (Live on Facebook with the Anticlastics Team. Open to all).

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