POSTPONED / Conceptual Workshop about Concept, Design and Research of Materials by Estela Saez Vilanova

Workshop  /  CriticalThinking  /  15 May 2020  -  17 May 2020
Published: 09.03.2020
Estela Saez Vilanova. Object: I think ‘am losing roots, 2012. Silver, oxidized silver, gold.. 13 x 10 x 10 cm. Estela Saez Vilanova
Object: I think ‘am losing roots, 2012
Silver, oxidized silver, gold.
13 x 10 x 10 cm
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Due to COVID-19, this workshop has been postponed. We will update this page with the final dates and further information.

Jewelry has nowadays become a discipline where the development of concepts and material research are taking a very solid position. This fact plays an important role at the moment in which we transfer our design interests This course aims to stimulate the mind; take advantage of the potential of group thinking and facilitate the terrain for new possibilities within practical experimentation.
We will deepen your creative process to consider new ways of approaching traditional materials normally associated with jewelry, developing interdisciplinary models and exercises that can be used both in jewelry design and in other practices.
In this course, the limits are extended when designing and obtaining an evolutionary process to help us in the future and continue our individual creative phase, with the aim of covering a more critical discourse. Space, material and background will be taken as the starting point of this course, exploring new perspectives and making a difference within the scenario of the current Design.

  • Breaking the pre-established personal barriers between object and individual during the work process.
  • Weigh creativity while doing practical exercises.
  • Find the balance between imagination and reasoning.
  • Exploit spontaneity without preconceived reasons.
Price: € 400 (Early registration until 9th March is € 370)
Participants: Minimum 5 and maximum 10.
Language: Spanish, English and Catalan.

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About Estela Sàez Vilanova:
A creator and Catalan educator. Educated at the Massana School in Barcelona, ​​she received the Massana Prize in 2001. Study assistant of Professor Ruudt Peters in Amsterdam [2005-2007]. In 2006, Saez won the Munich Talent Prize. He completed his Master of Arts at the University of Trier, Idar Oberstein, Germany in 2010 and continued based in the Netherlands until 2012, developing his own art projects.
Estela Saez Vilanova. Pendant: Mymories, 2018. Gold, ruthenium plated brass.. Estela Saez Vilanova
Pendant: Mymories, 2018
Gold, ruthenium plated brass.
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