Estela Saez Vilanova

Jeweller  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2019
Published: 05.02.2019
Estela Saez Vilanova interview with Tamagit
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Saez’s oeuvre spans the last twenty-two years. Graduated at Massana School in Barcelona in 2001. Later, she became the studio assistant of Professor Ruudt Peters in Amsterdam [2005-2007]. In 2006, Saez won the Talente Prize Munich, she completed her Master of Arts at The University of Trier, Idar Oberstein in 2010 and continued to be based in The Netherlands until 2012 developing her own art-projects. She has been invited as a lecturer worldwide and participates and organizes jewelry-related events, seminars and cross-disciplinary projects to promote critical thinking in the field of jewelry. Saez most recent project took place in post-revolutionary Cairo, Egypt as a co-founder and director of “The DSAF” [2013-2016] based as Creative Director in the Middle East. During her directorship in Egypt, the project was appointed for the UN-Women as an example of how jewelry & design enables self-sufficiency, and how can play an essential role in changing people’s life perspective.