Selected Artists at Friedrich Becker Prize 2020. Studio Insights of Klimt02 Members

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Published: 05.06.2020
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The internationally renowned Friedrich Becker Prize is awarded every three years by the Society for Goldsmith Art Hanau. 151 artists from 16 countries entered jewelry and silver hollow- and flatware for the Friedrich Becker Prize 2020, and the prizewinner and 41 exhibition participants were selected by a high-calibre jury. These works demonstrate exciting design approaches; unusual materials and techniques are not uncommonly applied and their artisanal perfection carries conviction. Apart from the upcoming exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf and at the Society for Goldsmith Art Hanau, all 41 finalists have been invited to share some insight into their professional practice in short videos, published by the Society for Goldsmith Art. All videos can be found online at the Webpage of the Friedrich Becker Prize

We present you the selection of the videos of Klimt02 members talking about their pieces and professional practice.
The selected Artists for the Friedrich Becker Prize 2020 come this year from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Frankreich, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, China, Isreal, United States, Argentina, Latvia, South Korea and Switzerland, with the highest percentage on german artists represented. The selection of the Friedrich Becker Prize 2020 juxtaposes works by well-known and renowned makers with young artists as well as jewellery with silversmithing pieces and objects. The Jury this year consisted of goldsmith Sam Tho Duong from Pforzheim, Cornelie Holzach the museum director of Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim and Prof. Andrea Wippermann, from the Hochschule Wismar/Design Faculty.

In awarding the Friedrich Becker Prize – donated by Hildegard Becker (1928–2018) – the Association for Goldsmiths’ Art, Hanau wishes to commemorate Friedrich Becker as an extraordinary individual and important designer, and in accordance with his spirit, to recognize the best of the succeeding generation of designers. The Friedrich Becker Prize is endowed with 10.000,00 € and has been awarded every three years since 1999 by theAssociation for Goldsmiths’ Art, Hanau, for outstanding, independent design with highest-quality execution.

The selected artists are Barbara Amstutz, Sinae Baik, Valdis Broze, Yi Cao, Andreas Decker, Patrícia Domingues, Frieda Dörfer, Ute Eitzenhöfer, Natascha Frechen, Donald FriedlichTamara Grüner, Jan Hebach, Sophie Hebach-Kloess, Esther Heite, Mirjam Hiller, Maja Houtman, Tzu-Yun Hung, Svenja John, Junwon Jung, Nicola Jäger, Ulla & Martin Kaufmann, Maria Konschake, Ariel Lavian, Gernot Leibold, Niklas Link, Qiwei Liu, Orsolya LosonczyFritz MaierhoferKatharina Moch, Anna Moll, Felicia Mülbaier, Jiun-You Ou, Ruudt Peters, Alessandra Pizzini, Ezra Satok-Wolman, JaKyung Shin, Yukie ShirakawaDimitar StankovSilke Trekel, Silvia Weidenbach, Annamaria Zanella and Rigra de Alvear.

This year, the award ceremony will take place entirely in digital space on the specially created website.