My work belongs to the earth, contributing to the everlasting cycle of life. Aggelika Diplari interviewed by Popeye loves Olive Art Space

Published: 27.09.2018
Aggelika Diplari Aggelika Diplari
Popeye loves Olive Art Space
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Aggelika Diplari. Necklace: Bodies in Time, 2018. Wood, leather, thread, silk textile, acrylic.. Photo by: Orestis Rovakis. Aggelika Diplari
Necklace: Bodies in Time, 2018
Wood, leather, thread, silk textile, acrylic.
Photo by: Orestis Rovakis
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2018 will be the first year that Popeye loves Olive Art Space will represent 9 Greek artists at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair in Spain, in order to show the diversity of creativity in the city of Athens. This is the 1st part of 9 interviews made by Popeye loves Olive Art Space.

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Was jewelry the first choice in your career? If not, from which field do you come from and what led you to jewelry?
Jewelry wasn't my first job. I used to work as a freelance Art Restorer, restoring mainly pieces of the Minoan and Cycladic era. Also, I worked in the department of frescos and idol replication, dating in the aforementioned era. 
My interest in the art of Jewelry emerged much later and by chance, when I took some lessons on Goldsmith and now I am hereby.

What is the thing that fascinates you in what we call art jewelry?
The art jewelry took a part of me, for many reasons: 
It has individuality, a personal signature, the author's statement, starting from the designing of your idea; to its materialization....magic procedure!
I strongly believe my creativity is heightened since it enables me to manage many others materials apart from the classic ones.
I discover my own practice and I use it the way I consider best as to become a means that enables me to express my ideas and the culture of my time. 
Also what thrills me, is the fact that a piece of art jewelry is in synergy with the body, which means that the latter it is not just embellished, but it also becomes a means to demonstrate a work of art.

Which of your pieces made you feel that you’ve reached your greatest inspirational moment? What does it mean to you?
I could really say that for every piece, I try to reach the highest point of my creativity. One piece from the previous collection, that I called Proximity has a metaphysical meaning for me, but not all things can be explained.

Which of your collections will be represented by Popeye loves Olive Art Space in Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects fair this October in Spain? Tell us a few words about it.
My latest collection will this year be presented by Popeye Loves Olive Art Space, at the Joya Barcelona Art jewelry & objects fair in October, I called it Accumulation in time.
In this collection, the materials are being composed in a way that mirrors the emotional conceptual and tactile layers of my act.
The pieces are like lives in the process of being captured. Their colors remind us of fruits, of the earth and the natural while decomposing. They are not idealized and they are not in their peak time, but they are comfortable in their organic nature 
These pieces are proud of their lackluster sand row character as the remnants of their existence are being appreciated.
This work belongs to the earth, to nature itself contributing to the everlasting cycle of life.