Printing on textiles is my main creative and artistic medium. Interview with Arijana Gadžijev by Klimt02

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Published: 09.12.2021
Arijana Gadžijev. Necklace: Slovanka black 2, 2019. Printed woven fabric, metal eyelets. 20 x 4 x 37 cm. Photo by: Arijana Gadžijev. From series: Slovanka. Arijana Gadžijev
Necklace: Slovanka black 2, 2019
Printed woven fabric, metal eyelets
20 x 4 x 37 cm
Photo by: Arijana Gadžijev
From series: Slovanka
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My pattern designs are still quite organic and follow the look of minerals and cross-sections of gemstones, which I find so inspiring and beautiful. It's like the whole world of miniature layered landscapes is there, full of stars.