All Art is a Critique of Reality. About Critique. Interview with Pravu Mazumdar

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Published: 25.06.2018

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Klimt02 has started a discussion about critique and shows various perceptions. We have been choosing different interview partners from the field of art and design. Working in art and design might seem like a wonderfully idyllic and relaxed career choice, where you have the pure freedom to let your creative juices flow. Each of them represents a unique view and gives us an overview of their own experiences. This is the fourth interview of seven.

We talk with Pravu Mazumdar who studied physics in New Delhi and Munich and has a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Stuttgart. Born and brought up in the eastern provinces of India and living between several languages and three continents, Pravu Mazumdar leads a typically contemporary interstitial existence. An essential category of such a mode of living is the idea of hybridity, to which Mazumdar has devoted several writings, like “Wishful Thinking - on jewellery and existence." or “Gold and Mind: Prolegomena towards a Philosophy of Jewellery”.