If voice, the privileged tool of communication, becomes form, it can also become object, with all the practical and symbolic implications of this concept. Carla Riccoboni interviewed by Alice Rendon

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Published: 17.11.2023
Carla Riccoboni. Textile: Voci: Hijab, 2023. Silver thread. . 45 x 90 cm. Photo by: Lino Zanesco. Carla Riccoboni
Textile: Voci: Hijab, 2023
Silver thread. 
45 x 90 cm
Photo by: Lino Zanesco
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One year after the conclusion of Segni Sul Volto in collaboration with LAO of Florence, Carla Riccoboni presents her new works in Padua at the San Rocco Oratory. Alice Rendon interviews Riccoboni as they reflect on the different iterations, experiences and outputs from this workshop.