Education is very important in a young market like ours. Interview with Atty Tantivit from Atta Gallery

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Published: 01.03.2019

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The new series by Klimt02 offers space for questions, ideas, and discussions about galleries, artists and the current jewellery market. This is the second interview in a series of 12 interviews with gallerists and art dealers from around the world.

We discuss with Atinuj Atty Tantivit, founder of the first and only Gallery that specializes in the topic of contemporary jewellery.  ATTA Gallery exhibits works of jewelry artists - both established and new talents, local and international - in order to promote the art of jewelry making to the wider public both locally and internationally. The Gallery is located in a quaint neighborhood along the Chao Phraya River and occupies two rooms, totaling about 50 square meters, in an intimate shopping arcade called O. P. Garden along with other galleries and unique specialty shops.