I like to work with my hands, to create, transform my thoughts and my emotions into objects, wearable or not. Elli Xippa interviewed by Popeye loves Olive Art Space

Published: 08.10.2018
Elli Xippa Elli Xippa
Popeye loves Olive Art Space
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Elli Xippa. Brooch: Escudo, 2018. Pantyhose, glue, bronze, steel.. Photo by: Orestis Rovakis. Elli Xippa
Brooch: Escudo, 2018
Pantyhose, glue, bronze, steel.
Photo by: Orestis Rovakis
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2018 will be the first year that Popeye loves Olive Art Space will represent 9 Greek artists at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair in Spain, in order to show the diversity of creativity in the city of Athens. This is the 4th part of 9 interviews made by Popeye loves Olive Art Space.

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Was jewelry the first choice in your career?  If not, from which field do you come from and what led you to jewelry?
Jewelry was not the starting point of my career, I never thought of making jewelry, mainly because I was not interested in wearing jewelry!!!
I started with knitting, sewing, crafts in general, always handmade creations for women. Slowly but steadily, sewing in particular, became a profession for me, a profession that was filling me with joy.
For many years I was designing and making oversized clothes, comfortable and airy. When It felt as if I had walked a full circle in that field, I stopped. It was then that I decided to try my creativity in jewelry making.

What is the thing that fascinates you in what we call art jewelry?
I started working with metal but later I researched different materials too.
I like to work with my hands, to create, transform my thoughts and my emotions into objects, wearable or not.
Maybe this is the main reason why I fell in love with art jewelry. It does not restrict me, on the contrary, it gives me the freedom to do whatever I feel like, whatever I desire, I can give it the meaning I chose to, even if it looks ugly, are all things surrounding us beautiful anyway?

Which of your pieces made you feel that you’ve reached your greatest inspirational moment? What does it mean to you?
I did a lot of research before I found the material that better expresses me, that made the difference, that inspired me into putting together a collection, a non-valuable material but still intimately connected to the female: women's stockings.
When I first touched it and started giving it the form I felt great pleasure, I felt like floating, able to create something new, something original, I had faith, I worked with passion and I believe that I succeeded to a certain degree!

Which of your collections will be represented by Popeye loves Olive Art Space in Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects fair this October in Spain? Tell us a few words about it.
I designed a series that is going to be present in Joya Barcelona art jewelry and objects by Popeye Loves Olive art gallery. And I feel very honored and happy for that. I titled these series Kelyfos [Shell]. The individual pieces are creatures of my imagination that crawl in the deepest underwater places, sometimes crushing, sometimes washed out at the seaside, I see them become alive, they are my own thoughts! Some are well hidden, some are expressed, some I erase forever! And in this manner, I go on creating, without knowing when I will stop or where I will end up to!!!