I like to work with my hands, to create, transform my thoughts and my emotions into objects, wearable or not. Elli Xippa interviewed by Popeye loves Olive Art Space

Published: 08.10.2018
Elli Xippa. Brooch: Escudo, 2018. Pantyhose, glue, bronze, steel.. Photo by: Orestis Rovakis. Elli Xippa
Brooch: Escudo, 2018
Pantyhose, glue, bronze, steel.
Photo by: Orestis Rovakis
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2018 will be the first year that Popeye loves Olive Art Space will represent 9 Greek artists at Joya Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair in Spain, in order to show the diversity of creativity in the city of Athens. This is the 4th part of 9 interviews made by Popeye loves Olive Art Space.