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Published: 14.07.2017
Alejandra Wolff & Pamela de la Fuente Alejandra Wolff & Pamela de la Fuente
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ERGO opened its space as the first Art Gallery in Chile specialized in Contemporary Jewelry. This project is lead by the artists and curators Alejandra Wolff and Pamela de la Fuente.

ERGO promotes and represents outstanding Chilean and Latin American jewelers and artists that put forward a meeting place between art and design while reflecting around power, luxury, memory, the body and their contexts.

Ergo gallery was born from the academic experiences of your school Escuela de Joyería Pamela de la Fuente. Do you feel it as a natural step  forward on the development of the school?

Ergo Gallery was born from many reasons. One of them was because In a chilean and latin american jewelry field, there weren´t galleries and specific place to show and reflect that.
Our academic experiencies in Escuela de Joyería Pamela de la Fuente and in School of Art at the University, was another reason, specially abouth relations between art, design, craft and criticism. Ergo Gallery was bron from the different kind of experiencies: teaching, curator, practices of jewelry, artistic production, collect and  love of contemporary jewelry.

You were presenting Ergo with an exhibition of students works at Joya 2016 edition. Why did you choose this event to introduce the gallery?

At Joya 2016, we presented different kinds  of Works. Some pieces were produced for ex students of School, and chilean artists. In fact this is the focus of Ergo: mix art and jewelry. We choosed this  event because we thought that is a good oporunity where we could introduce Latin American perspective. Chilean contemporary jewelry had participated in the past but in those opportunities we selected pieces from three points of view: body and subjective/ relations between art and craft in jewelry/ nature and artífice.

How was the experience at Joya Barcelona? What were your aims: get students, get artists for the gallery?

It was great. We could make a lot of contacts to share academic experiences but specially artistic experiences. We contrasted our ideas and our opinions abouth this fair, abouth other galleries experiences, we met a lot of artists, academics, collectors and  curators.
Our aims were introduce chilean gallery and chilean artists and chilean jewelers in a european market and european field of jewelry.

How has Ergo been received in Chile?

We have just openned our new place. We are a new and a first profesional jewelry gallery in Chile and in Souther Cone, so we have received a lot of  applications to show or to be represented.
 The frist show, by Nicolás Estrada, was visited by 200 people, so we think that ERGO had a good  reception.

Opening of Nicolás Estrada exhibition at Ergo Gallery, July 2017.

Nicolás Estrada at the opening of his exhibition at Ergo Gallery, July 2017.

Alejandra Wolff & Pamela de la Fuente at Ergo Stand,  Joya Barcelona 2016.

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About the Interviewee

Alejandra Wolff, PhD in Literature at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and receive her MFA in Visual Arts from University of Chile. She currently serves as an Assistant professor of Art at the Art School in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and she teach Contemporary aesthetic in art and design at Pamela de la Fuente School. Wolff is also a visual artist and a researcher in the field of visual culture, specializing in the relationships between text, image and representations of corporality and violence in contemporary art in Latin America. Her works explore the relations of art, design and craft, with focus in a contemporary jewelry and textile art. She has participated in international and national exhibitions and published critical texts in several art catalogues and journals.

Pamela de la Fuente, Graduated in Arts with a specialization in Goldsmiths and History of Arts at the Universidad de Chile and a Degree on Jewelry of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma of México, with courses of specialization in Chile, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Italy. She started the studies on Jewelry in the year 1997 to begin teaching in the year 2003. Creator of the School that has her name, founder of the first Chilean Association of Contemporary Jewellers JoyaBrava, being the President of it during 2010-14. Her job has been focused on teaching and management, colaborating effectively with the actual development of the Jewelry in the last years in Chile. In her years as a jeweller, the creation of innovative lines is outlined.  Enrolling at the beginning of 2000 in the creation of jewls with recycled pieces of computers, providing a new life to objects, forms and materials that did not have a destiny of being a jewl. Today her work is focused on the technical research and the performance of crosses with the Art.