Creativity always comes from a character. Esther Heite, winner of Klimt02 JPlus Emerging Talent Award 2019, interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 10.12.2019
Esther Heite. Earrings: Misunderstood Genius, 2019. Silver, 18 ct gold.. 2 x 5 cm; 5.5 x 9 cm; 9.5 x 12 cm. Photo by: Fridge&plodge. From series: Gebraucht. Group of pieces with three sizes.. Esther Heite
Earrings: Misunderstood Genius, 2019
Silver, 18 ct gold.
2 x 5 cm; 5.5 x 9 cm; 9.5 x 12 cm
Photo by: Fridge&plodge
From series: Gebraucht

Group of pieces with three sizes.

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In the past, I had the wish to have it all from A-Z in my head and then just to realise it. But I don’t want to be "too logic" - that may at some point become boring. And on the other side not too spontaneous so that your work can look random. Sometimes it’s a dilemma to find your way. In reality, the process becomes so important. There is much to discover between the steps, like little presents, new characteristics of material or techniques. And then it can bring you to your previous thoughts. That’s the most fun part.  
/ Esther Heite, winner of the 5th edition of Klimt02 JPlus Emerging Talent Award in 2019.