Every Activity Takes Jewellery Out Into the World and Brings New People Into the Gallery. Interview with Marie-José van den Hout from Galerie Marzee

Published: 20.08.2019

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The new series by Klimt02 offers space for questions, ideas, and discussions about galleries, artists and the current jewellery market. This is the first interview in a series of 12 interviews with gallerists and art dealers from around the world. It begins with Marie-José van den Hout, one of the most experienced and innovative gallerists of the jewellery world, and founder of Galerie Marzee. The gallery is dedicated to artists with an independent spirit that has blossomed outside the manufacturing context, creating work that is meaningful, poetic and original. The creations move along the sidelines, light years away from conformist ‘classical’ or ‘luxury’ jewellery.