Featured: Karl Fritsch 2014 – on the year that passed and breakthrough moments

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Published: 13.01.2015
Featured: Karl Fritsch 2014 – on the year that passed and breakthrough moments.
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Karl Fritsch was one of the most visited members of the Klimt02 Community during 2014. Here Karl answers a few questions about this work and what he has planned for 2015.
Hi Karl!

With an exception of the past holiday season, can you tell us a little about what you are working on right now?

Most of my time in the last 5 months has been spent renovating an old house to become the new studios for Lisa and me. I also had a go at being guest professor at the academy in Munich in November.  It was awesome to be back in this place of high intensity.  In October I spent 2 weeks in Dunedin (NZ) to make collaborative work with Gavin Hipkins (a New Zealand artist). And in between I always make new rings, beside the rings that just demand to be followed up and finished from my continuous reworking process.  I've also been trying out some more stone carving.
You are originally from Germany and now living and working in New Zeeland since 2010. Can you walk us through what a regular day at work is like for you?
 When the children have left for school and nothing else demands urgent attention I go to my workshop which is just next door and work until I am hungry. In the workshop there are always plenty of ideas and materials waiting.

Karl Fritsch
Ring: Untitled, 2014
9k gold, coloured diamonds
You graduated in 1994 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and have been working in the jewellery field for 20 years. Is it possible for you to say what moment in your professional life that has been most important?
 I started my apprenticeship at the goldsmithing school in Pforzheim in 1982, so it's been over 30 years in jewellery. A key moment was while studying at the Munich academy around 1991/92 when instead of melting down the old jewellery I bought for casting, I started to fix the pieces instead. It was a revelation to be able to use those pre-existing often conventional pieces of jewellery. I had learnt to make conventional jewellery in Pforzheim and conventional jewellery is what was around in Sonthofen where I grew up. From that moment on I understood how to access all the conventional jewellery skills I had learnt and use them in my own way, I started to really own what I had been taught.  I could suddenly set a stone, saw, file , hammer , cast,  solder, the way I wanted and not just the way I had been taught .
When it comes to online visibility, do you have any advice for aspiring artists?
I think good photos certainly help.

What do you look forward to in 2015?
Moving in and spending time in my new workshop.
To boost the level of creativity for the new year, is there any tech, app, tool, podcast, book - that you would like to recommend?
Switch that device off and read more – I've just enjoyed Born to Run by Christopher Mcdougall.

Karl Fritsch. Ring: Untitled, 2014. 8k palladium white gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cubic zirconia. Karl Fritsch
Ring: Untitled, 2014
8k palladium white gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, cubic zirconia
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