Featured: Tanel Veenre 2014 - thinking back and looking forward

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Published: 28.01.2015
Featured: Tanel Veenre 2014 - thinking back and looking forward.
Sanna Svedestedt
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Tanel Veenre was one of the most visited members of the Klimt02 Community during 2014. Here Tanel answers a few questions about the year that passed and what he has planned for 2015
Hi Tanel!
You have had an intense year working with your art jewellery, developing the brand TVJ and working as professor in Department of Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts - just to mention a couple of your activities. What were the highlights of 2014?

True that 2014 was a far too crazy year ... I am not sure if opening 9 solos in 14 months is a good idea if you want to have long and healthy life... Definately opening my webshop for fashion jewellery and making the book HANDFUL with Arnoldsche are actions that will influence me a lot also during upcoming years. I have hard time of living in presence – I see every step as a milestone for the future.

But I think I spent the most happiest days of the year in Estonian island Muhu, in a friend’s lighthouse. Lying there in hammock after waterskiing, watching the clouds hovering over me, reading Patti Smith `Just Kids`... And making necklace to my boyfriend from the first wild strawberries ... these are the moments that I am carrying with me forever to survive in hecticness of reality.
Where are you right now?
Right now I am at my home after four weeks in Asia … I am a bit terrified by the feeling of how good I actually felt there. Besides building up the shows (in ATTA, Bangkok and PIN studio, Kaohsiung), giving lectures and workshops – I was touched by several human contacts and cultures. I felt it’s all very human based, life honouring and delicate, something I want to bring at home as well. I feel that I have to be more humble in front of life.
Is there something that you are missing in your professional life, that would facilitate your work as an artist?
Good question, I haven’t ever thought that way – I usually take the charge if there is something missing without blaming anyone else. Maybe I think that we shouldn’t be so short sighted and ego centric in general, our field is very synergic and small – so every soul, every action you take influences others. It’s like a family.
What moment in your career has been most important to you so far?
Whoahhh what a big question … I really don’t know. Lots of decisions open themselves when you look back. And I really haven’t ever thought creating can be a career until 1,5 years ago when I met Susan Cummins, extremely sharp minded and sharp sighted thinker. We were sitting in a cafe in a small Estonian town and she really made it clear that if you want to have a career as an artist you have to think more strategically … I haven’t ever thought that way before and I am grateful for this lesson. Although I am not sure if wild beast in me allows me to be strategic enough to build up a career as the art world sees it.
Is there anything you didn’t do in 2014 that you will make sure is realized during 2015?
I have a constant storm of ideas in me head, it’s thrilling pain of not materilizing all these visions with maximum ... So I am dreaming of having more time to give birth to some strong ideas I got during 2014.

To boost the level of creativity for 2015, is there any tech, trick or thought - that you would recommend?
Trust your hands!
Tanel Veenre. Brooch: Palindrome I (silhouette), 2014. Seahorses, opal, artificial resin, silver, cosmic dust. Tanel Veenre
Brooch: Palindrome I (silhouette), 2014
Seahorses, opal, artificial resin, silver, cosmic dust
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