Do as My Will But Never Deviate from Scope of Traditional Cultural Frame. Interview with Felicia Li by Ray Zheng

Published: 24.02.2021
Felicia Li. Set: My Chinese Jewelry - Step 1, 2020. Silver, enamel, pearls, Kallaite.. Photo by: Xiaowen Liu. Felicia Li
Set: My Chinese Jewelry - Step 1, 2020
Silver, enamel, pearls, Kallaite.
Photo by: Xiaowen Liu
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This interview was conveyed within the frame of research of Chinese contemporary jewelry. As a curator and artist, Felicia Li reviewed the methods and achievements of the Chinese Mythology exhibition as a representation of the current Chinese contemporary jewelry environment. Experienced her own practices, she also talked about the path of domestic exhibitions performed in 5 the past years, critiques and outlooks, thinking and making.