Gabriela Izquierdo, Joya 2018 Jury Member interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 05.06.2018
Gabriela Izquierdo Gabriela Izquierdo
Carolin Denter, Klimt02
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JOYA Barcelona is the main art jewellery and art objects event in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists as well as related organizations, schools and other entities, JOYA  prepares to present excellence and innovation in contemporary art. 

JOYA 2018 will happen in October and with the 10th edition taking place. In this third interview, we spoke to Jury Member Gabriela Izquierdo, who is Fashion Project Manager specialized in High Couture.
You’ve had a very interesting evolution so far. You’re in your twenties, work in the fashion industry and you live in Alicante. What are your responsibilities as a fashion project manager?  
Part of my work consists of designing prototypes that will help to prove the versatility of new developments that AITEX does on I+D. We aim to show to the public new advantage on textile research. What I enjoy the most of my work is being involved in innovation, having the opportunity to see new technologies and at the same time be able to create a way to connect both fields, design, and functionality is like a dream come true.  

What excites you most about fashion? Are there any parallels to art jewellery and what was the most surprising thing you learned about it so far? 
I’m in a constant “knowhow” journey all the time, I love learning new things every day. What it keeps me surprised about jewellery is how passionate and creative can be a jewellery designer. Basically must of the people who think about jewellery they only thing about gold, silver, and precious stones, but then you go to JOYA and everything changes. It happened to me. It was a new way to see the world.  Fashion has more limitations, if we speak about clothing, for example, you need to think about the weight, the fabrics, you need to be very meticulous about what you put into a garment because you never know how the customer is going to feel. However, when you mix art and jewellery, you have absolutely no frontiers, contemporary art jewellery mix two of my favorite things in the world, art and design. I am more than sure that since I started this journey my mind expanded, I’m 100% sure that now I see things differently. 

Jewellery is not only about decorative items worn for personal adornment, contemporary jewellery is more than that, is about passion and pieces that can tell stories about the designers behind them. 

  • When you see someones work, portfolios and pieces, you know that they put a lot of work while doing it, you can see the struggle, the frustration, and the achievements

Could you please describe your experience in the evaluation of artworks and projects? How will this influence the judging process of Joya 2018? 
This opportunity is an honor for me, I believe is quite a challenge and I don’t want to be too hard on people. I’m always trying to encourage people to try their best with new things or just to find themselves. When you see someones work, portfolios and pieces, you know that they put a lot of work while doing it, you can see the struggle, the frustration, and the achievements. Good pictures always help to improve your work but, as they say, you don't judge a book by its cover. 

What will be the main things attracting people to attend this year’s JOYA? And where do you see possibilities and challenges by moving to the new place, the Disseny Hub Barcelona? 
Besides the location? (I’m joking). This place is stunning, Barcelona is a magical place, for me is the right city for creativity in Europe. Changes are good. I love trying new things and I know for sure this year will be better and it won’t disappoint anyone, possibilities have no limits. 

What do you think is special about the JOYA Jewellery Fair in Barcelona?  
I travel a lot for my work. I have to visit several fairs around Europe all the time and to me, the best fairs are those who have a soul in them, something that makes them special. 
When you visit JOYA for the first time you can see easily how every detail is well preserved, how they make an effort to make every visitor feel special about being there, not only for exhibitors, just for everyone. 
Barcelona is the perfect place for it and being in JOYA is one of those things in life that is more than worth it to see it.  

About the Interviewee

Gabriela Izquierdo is Fashion Project Manager. Born and raised in Venezuela. Fashion designer specialized in High Couture with a master's degree in Textile Engineering. She graduated in 2016 from IED MADRID. She considers herself as a technology geek, that is the reason why she is focusing her career on creating a connection between fashion and technology.