Connecting Nature and Jewellery Together Really Fascinated Me. Interview with Helga Mogensen by Klimt02

Published: 09.04.2021
Helga Mogensen. Object: Miniature Chairs. Spring Collection 2021, 2021. Driftwood, panel, copper, brass.. Height: 8 cm. Helga Mogensen
Object: Miniature Chairs. Spring Collection 2021, 2021
Driftwood, panel, copper, brass.
Height: 8 cm
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Being an artist is not something you can teach, but I feel it's more like guidance from the universe that creates the urge to be creative. Contemporary jewellery almost has no limits in the sense that it's such a big language that the maker has access to, material possibilities are endless but you still need to know where you are coming from when making.