I Strive for a Higher Logical Level in Education. About Critique. Interview with Manuel Vilhena

Interview  /  CriticalThinking
Published: 11.02.2020

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From the first seven interviews about critique, we received many answers and ideas. But more important: more questions came up. We go into the second round of interviews and talk with people from the contemporary jewellery scene to answer questions about censorship, morality and what value criticism has towards the transformation of society.

In this ninth interview of our new series about critique, we talk with Manuel Vilhena, who started making Jewellery in his teens, learning from master craftsmen in Brazil and Italy and completed his Masters’ degree in 1998 at the Royal College of Art in London. Right after that, he founded Postcon which promoted "Post-Contemporary Jewellery" till 2018. In the meantime, he published the books „Do you speak Jewellery?“ in 1998, a revised 2nd edition in 2015, and a couple more storybooks. Presently, Postcon proposes art teacher training seminars and other educational projects.