Being Multi-Disciplinary is an Advantage. Interview with Alison Brown by Klimt02

Published: 28.01.2021
Alison Brown. Necklace: Elephant Beads, 2019. Porcelain, Egyptian paste, linen.. 19 x 9 x 42 cm. Photo by: Robin Shelton. Alison Brown
Necklace: Elephant Beads, 2019
Porcelain, Egyptian paste, linen.
19 x 9 x 42 cm
Photo by: Robin Shelton
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Since the pandemic began, when jewelry can no longer be picked up and handled, I am forced to consider why I make, what I make, and does it matter? (...) I have finally accepted that being multi-disciplinary is an advantage; a fascination to explore materials and learn new techniques hopefully prevents dullness and fulfills an inquisitive mind.