It's Necessary to Develop One's Own Handwriting in Jewellery. Interview with Andrea MAXA Halmschlager by Klimt02

Published: 29.03.2021
Andrea Maxa Halmschlager. Necklace: SW 2, 2015. Border trimmings, snap fasteners.. 37 x 20 x 13 cm. Photo by: Andrea Maxa Halmschlager. From series: Bordabesques. Andrea Maxa Halmschlager
Necklace: SW 2, 2015
Border trimmings, snap fasteners.
37 x 20 x 13 cm
Photo by: Andrea Maxa Halmschlager
From series: Bordabesques
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My pieces often look more experimental than technical. This may be a result of my working process: remanufacturing out of accumulated material. I often switch between work series as well as art disciplines. I am fond of experimenting, drawing, making collages, photographs, or objects. All these different fields influence one another.