Working with Single-use Plastics has Changed Me as a Maker. Interview with Charity Ridpath by Klimt02

Published: 18.06.2021
Charity Ridpath. Brooch: Basalt Bubblewrap Mineral, 2020. Fused bubblewrap, stainless steel.. Unique piece.. Charity Ridpath
Brooch: Basalt Bubblewrap Mineral, 2020
Fused bubblewrap, stainless steel.
Unique piece.
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In 2018 I collected all of the single-use plastic I used to better understand my own footprint. Currently, most of my compositions are still being made from the material in this collection. I have since taken significant steps in minimizing my use of single-use plastic which means, 3 years later, I can finally see that collection of materials getting smaller.