I Enjoy the Process of Transformation, which Makes me Love Everything I'm Creating. Interview with Hairuo Ding by Klimt02

Published: 24.11.2020
Hairuo Ding. Installation: Decay, 2019. Silicone, clay, chicken wire, pigment, beads, thread, brass.. Photo by: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark. From series: Decay. Hairuo Ding
Installation: Decay, 2019
Silicone, clay, chicken wire, pigment, beads, thread, brass.
Photo by: Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark
From series: Decay
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When I started to pursue my master's degree, it's the free creative environment in the new school that made me explore the infinite possibilities of all kinds of materials and even in my works, there was the viscera of animals, that was a lot of fun. Over the past two years, my transformation has been a lot. No matter it's my mindset or my style, I'm enjoying the process of transformation, which really makes me love everything I'm creating.