Making individual jewellery requires a lot of willpower and much passion. Interview with Haldis Scheicher by Klimt02

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Published: 22.09.2021
Haldis Scheicher. Necklace: Tiptoe, 2021. Synthetic ribbons, pieces of ski poles.. 54 cm. Photo by: Roland Ferrigato. From series: après ski. Haldis Scheicher
Necklace: Tiptoe, 2021
Synthetic ribbons, pieces of ski poles.
54 cm
Photo by: Roland Ferrigato
From series: après ski
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In my recent work, certain kinds of everyday objects again have me excited...A pair of old Nordic skis and old ski poles delighted me and inspired me to start the collection. Several other objects crossed my path and told me they too wanted to join this story. So, at the moment it is the same passion as in the beginning...keeping my eyes open and seeing the beauty of "Things".