Interview with Izabella Petrut

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Published: 02.03.2016
Interview with Izabella Petrut.
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Izabella Petrut. Ring: Repetitive, indefinite, infinite present, 2015. Silver oxidized, pyrite, pigment, resin.. Photo by: Izabella Petrut. From series: Here and Now. Izabella Petrut
Ring: Repetitive, indefinite, infinite present, 2015
Silver oxidized, pyrite, pigment, resin.
Photo by: Izabella Petrut
From series: Here and Now
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I am happy and grateful do make jewelry and each piece brings me the same great level of satisfaction.
Do you think that jewellery is being standardized? What is there of local and universal in your artistic work?
I think there are many types of jewelry out there and some of them are standardized, but I think art jewelry / contemporary jewelry is not. In contemporary jewelry one can notice some trends in material use, color, or subject, but it is still far from being standardized.
In my work I am influenced by everything around me, what I see, what I hear, what I feel, what I read, what I eat, offline and online. Inspiration and influences are local and universal at the same time, because the local input and the universal one come at me at the same time, and with the same intensity.
What do you expect when exposing your work to the public (for example with an exhibition)?
When I am showing my work I am hoping to provoke a little, to leave an impression, to disgust, to intrigue, to frustrate, to open a discussion or debate. 

Are other areas besides the jewellery, present in your work?
There are no rules in this game, and all tools are available.
The last work, book, film, city that has moved me was...
Buddy Wakefield's poetry books “Live for a living” and “Gentlemen Practice” have really stuck to me throughout the past few years.  "... I know there are times you will lay your head to rest, you will have a moment of brilliance that grows into a perfect order of words, but you, you are gonna fall asleep instead of painting them down of paper. When you wake up you will have forgotten the idea completely and miss it like a front tooth. But at least you know how to recognize a moment of brilliance, because even at your worse you are pretty fucking incredible. ..."
A place, space, country whose creativity surprises me...
I find surprising things every day around me, no matter where I am.
Is there any designer, jeweller, artist, you appreciate a lot?
There are a few artists, from very different art fields, that I follow with admiration. Knowing this exceptional people exist and make their art and science everyday, and seeing what they make, inspire me and motivate me with their courage to be themselves and do what they believe in.
What piece or work has given you the most satisfaction?
I am happy and grateful do make jewelry and each piece brings me the same great level of satisfaction.
Do you read Jewellery Magazines? What is your source to get information?
I read, offline and online, Current Obsession,,, just to name a few, and many books and compendiums. I try stay up to date with contemporary jewelry and art as much as I can; it makes me happy to see so many things happening in this field, and I am generally curious about the art world.
Do you discuss your work with other jewellery artists or any other person?
I sometimes do. I don't have a rule about it. It depends on the work I do, the people I have around me at a certain time, and many other factors.
What is your first thought when you hear the word Future?, What do you expect for?
Cyborgs, cool updates to the human race, awesome discoveries, new gadgets, space trips, and hopefully less selfishness and more goodness.