Creating Jewellery for Me is a Way to 'Meditate'. Interview with Katerina Glinou by Klimt02

Published: 14.05.2021
Katerina Glinou. Vase: In Spiral 01, 2021. Felt, thread, glue, elastic band.. 40 x 30 cm. Photo by: Katerina Glinou. From series: In Spiral. Katerina Glinou
Vase: In Spiral 01, 2021
Felt, thread, glue, elastic band.
40 x 30 cm
Photo by: Katerina Glinou
From series: In Spiral
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We -as artists and makers- have to get closer to people by explaining or talking about our work. Contemporary jewellery should be for everybody and not just for an elite of art specialists. [...] we have to focus on children. Through this relationship, we can achieve a lot and the teaching process will be helpful not only for the little ones but also for artists.