I Became Obsessed with Jewellery Making and Metalsmithing Since the First Moment. Interview with Misato Takahashi by Klimt02

Published: 13.05.2021
Misato Takahashi. Brooch: Magic Moth #2 La Lluna, 2021. Sterling silver, stainless steel.. From series: The World WIthin. Unique piece. Misato Takahashi
Brooch: Magic Moth #2 La Lluna, 2021
Sterling silver, stainless steel.
From series: The World WIthin
Unique piece
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When I first started making jewellery I wanted to create something even they are not wearable or I didn’t think much about the wearer. For me, it used to be one-sided self-expression but now I always try to stand in the wearer’s point [...] to make more people aware of contemporary jewellery.