I See that More Students Want to Become Jewellers and the Field of the Author's Jewellery Has Been Increasing Continuously. Interview with Orsolya Kecskés by Klimt02

Published: 22.02.2021
Orsolya Kecskés. Necklace: Cold drops, 2016. Copper, enamel, hematite.. Photo by: Mária Pecsics. Orsolya Kecskés
Necklace: Cold drops, 2016
Copper, enamel, hematite.
Photo by: Mária Pecsics
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As for me, it runs in the family. Since my parents are a ceramic artist and a sculptor and my sister studied glass design, I was quite sure to do some creative things too, but certainly not any of these professions. […] It turned out that I really like working with metals and have never changed my mind to be a jeweler!