The love for crafting is how I stumbled upon jewelry making. Interview with Sabina Dragusanu by Klimt02

Published: 17.06.2021
Sabina Dragusanu  Sabina Dragusanu 
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Sabina Dragusanu. Necklace: Growth No.4, 2021. Plastic bags.. 30 x 23 x 9 cm. From series: (in)organic Growth. Sabina Dragusanu
Necklace: Growth No.4, 2021
Plastic bags.
30 x 23 x 9 cm
From series: (in)organic Growth
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I believe that the journey is visible, I am becoming more and more passionate about ‘saving the world’, and even though I am aware the future isn’t looking bright, this is what keeps me going.
Tell us about your background. What were your first influences to be creative and become an artist and what has drawn you to contemporary jewelry?
Ever since I was born, I was surrounded by creativity. Most of my family members are creative in one way or another, but the biggest influence has to be my mother. She is mainly a fashion designer, but she is always making some decorations or accessories or just keeping creative. She always made my clothes when I was young, and I grew up being no stranger to the sewing machine. When I was in school, my favorite subject was definitely Arts & Crafts; the love for crafting is how I stumbled upon jewelry making – by re-using the beads from a broken bracelet. There is a long story from there, but the attraction to contemporary jewelry was always present, even if I didn't know what that was at the time. I never wanted to follow trends, to copy what was already there – I wanted to be different, to stand out from the crowd, to do it my way. 

How important is networking for you in your professional practice and what are your preferred tools for this?
I believe networking is important for everyone because without knowing and collaborating with other people, it’s hard to succeed in anything really. It is essential to make an effort and get to know people, be it from your field or other ones because you never know where an opportunity might arise. At this time and age, social media is one of the best tools to do that, but you can make better connections in physical events 

Bangle: Growth No.10 by Sabina Dragusanu, 2021, Plastic bags, 9 x 9 x 3 cm (6.5 cm interior circumference) From series: (in)organic Growth

What are your general thoughts on the contemporary jewelry world, (education, market, development...), where do you see chances, and where are dead ends?
I believe that there is definitely some progress being made; compared to a few years ago, the public is more interested and more appreciative towards contemporary jewelry. Even so, the market is still quite limited and influenced by the fast-fashion mentality. I think that a well organized and advertised fair or exhibition is still the best opportunity to present your work to the world because you get to talk to people face to face, they get to see the pieces in real life, and that doesn’t even come close to seeing photos, no matter how high quality they are.

Thinking about your career, what role do technology and the digital play in your artistic development & communication?
They play a huge role! Especially over the last year, with the world pandemic and everything is closed, the digital world has been one of the only ways to keep on going and to have a presence in the art world. It enabled me to reach an international audience and get feedback from many more people than I would’ve in real life.

How has your work changed over the past few years and what are you excited about these days?
I think that my work shows the way I see the world and it is becoming more defined with every piece. Looking back, it is quite obvious that I was still exploring, trying to find my voice; the common thread is present throughout the years, and while I don’t think I’m there yet, I believe that the journey is visible. I am becoming more and more passionate about ‘saving the world’, and even though I am aware the future isn’t looking bright, this is what keeps me going.
I have to have hope that one day it will all be worth it.