I Look Forward to More People Holding an Attitude of Curiosity. Interview with Zhi Ying by Klimt02

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Published: 15.09.2020
Zhi Ying
Zhi Ying

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Zhi Ying. Brooch: Drawers, 2019. Silver.. 4.8 x 5.3 x 2.3 cm. Zhi Ying
Brooch: Drawers, 2019
4.8 x 5.3 x 2.3 cm
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In my opinion, contemporary jewellery is very special, which is also a significant point that attracted me at first. The size of this jewellery is not large, but they need to express nothing less than paintings and sculptures.

Tell us about your background. What were your first influences to be creative and become an artist and what has drawn you to contemporary jewellery?
Since I was young, I have a soft spot for art and love hand-making and painting. These hobbies led me to try jewellery design when I choose my undergraduate major. After starting specific professional studies, I gradually discovered that what I learned was quite different from the jewellery design in my memory. But this did not disappoint me. On the contrary, it broadened my knowledge of jewellery. The deeper I understand contemporary jewellery, the more I think it has a unique charm like other contemporary art, which can express and share my understanding of life. In my opinion, contemporary jewellery is very special, which is also a significant point that attracted me at first. The size of this jewellery is not large, but they need to express nothing less than paintings and sculptures. A lot of information that needs to be conveyed is concentrated in a small artwork, which is an enormous challenge. After seeing the excellent artworks of many artists, I also aroused the idea of participating. 


How important is networking for you in your professional practice and what are your preferred tools for this?
In this era of the rapid development of science and technology, networking gave us great help. We can quickly browse the updates of various art galleries and museums and share our daily routines within 5 seconds. But I also have some fears about these, because sometimes a too large amount of information that will make me a little confused. So, I believe that independent thinking and leisure time are essential.


What are your general thoughts on the contemporary jewellery world, (education, market, development...), where do you see chances and where are dead ends?
It is undeniable that the development prospects of contemporary jewellery cannot be ignored. In the field of jewellery occupied by precious metals and stones for thousands of years, under the movement of contemporary jewellery, jewellery artists are committed to innovation, breaking the bondage of materials, and placing cultural values on commercial values and status. Although the public’s attention to jewellery has never diminished, Art Jewellery or Contemporary Jewellery is still an obscure field. Against this background, I look forward to more people trying to understand contemporary jewellery and holding an attitude of curiosity and excavation.


Thinking about your career, what role do technology and the digital play in your artistic development & communication?
Technology is dominant in my work because the expression of works often requires sophisticated techniques to be realised. At the same time, digital has played a perfect auxiliary role. Social media not only allowed me to meet many like-minded friends but also gave me many opportunities. For instance, due to the COVID-19 this year, we did not have a substantial degree show. The University website, Klimt02, Ins, etc. have become the leading exhibition venues. This is a very novel experience.


How has your work changed over the past few years and what are you excited about these days?
In my early creations, I often consciously thought about some of the problems that occurred around me, but I did not excavate that much for myself. The latest series "Weaving Memories" made me feel more connected with my work, which made me very encouraged. My work originates from childhood fading memories, which are recorded by the furniture. Inspired by photos of old furniture, it is no longer a specific copy of a drawer or cabinet. I focused on thinking about how to play with the characteristics of these furniture. The structure and patterns of the work are reminiscent of worn woven objects, drawers, and porcelain. I tried to narrate my understanding of memory through these conventional knitting techniques and somewhat childlike illustrations. In the next step, I hope to continue to expand my creativity, looking forward to new works and new inspiration.