Iro Kaskani interviewed by Klimt02

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Published: 18.04.2017
Iro Kaskani. Set: Untitled, 2015. Silver, Jesmonite, porcelain, resin.. 36 x7 x 9 cm. Photo by: Panayioa Gregoriou. From series: just codswallop / virtual play. Iro Kaskani
Set: Untitled, 2015
Silver, Jesmonite, porcelain, resin.
36 x7 x 9 cm
Photo by: Panayioa Gregoriou
From series: just codswallop / virtual play
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My intent is for my work to be an authentic personal expression. I believe this is the wisest road for one to follow in order to have a steady course. This personal expression is biographical, actually, it’s the outcome of all gathered perceptions from everywhere.