Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry. An Interview with Ariel Lavian

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Published: 28.10.2022
Ariel Lavian. Brooch: Scorched Earth, 2022. Copper, stainless steel.. 1.3 x 9.8 x 9.9 cm. Photo by: Ariel Lavian. Ariel Lavian
Brooch: Scorched Earth, 2022
Copper, stainless steel.
1.3 x 9.8 x 9.9 cm
Photo by: Ariel Lavian
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The first edition of the Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry will open its doors to the public next week on November 10th 2022 at The Geological Museum in Ramat Hasharon. With one hundred and eighty-seven applications, the group of the twenty-seven selected artists and students will be on show at the museum together with a program of lectures and seminars.
Ariel Lavian, curator, founder, and director of the Biennale shares with us his thoughts and reflections about this important event dedicated entirely to contemporary jewelry with a specific theme on color since, as the founder explains in his text, this is the right time to add colors and joy to our lives after a period of blackness  [1] due to the pandemic.