It is the 21st Century. The Changes are Significant. Interview with Agita Putāne from Putti Gallery

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Published: 26.03.2019

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The new series by Klimt02 offers space for questions, ideas, and discussions about galleries, artists and the current jewellery market. This is the fourth interview in a series of interviews with gallerists and art dealers from around the world.

We continue with Putti Gallery, founded in 2000 by Agita Putāne. The gallery was originally founded with the aim of popularizing the performance of Latvian jewellery artists. However, by gaining local and international acclaim, it expanded its vision and added to its collection an array of outstanding jewellery pieces of foreign artists. Each year, the gallery organizes four thematic or personal exhibitions that can be viewed at the same time as the gallery's stand-alone exhibition, which mostly consists of works by Latvian jewellery and fashion designers.