Jeemin Jamie Chung, Joya 2016 jury member interviewed by Klimt02

Published: 14.07.2016
Jeemin Jamie Chung. Brooch: The unknown, 2016. Brass, Pigments. 55 x 55 x 90 mm. Jeemin Jamie Chung
Brooch: The unknown, 2016
Brass, Pigments
55 x 55 x 90 mm
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To me JOYA Barcelona Fair has been one of the warmest family welcoming atmospheres. The vibe between artist vs. artists, artist vs. staff members, and artist vs. the audience were so great.

Jamie Chung is part of the jury members of JOYA 2016 (8th Edition) held at the Arts Santa Monica from September 29th to October 1st.