Featured: Julia deVille 2014 – a successful year and future plans

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Published: 29.12.2014
Featured: Julia deVille 2014 – a successful year and future plans.
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During 2014, Julia deVille was one of the most visited members of the Klimt02 Community. Here Julia answers some questions about her work, creativity & what she has planned for 2015.

Hi Julia!

With an exception of the holiday season, can you tell us a little about what you are working on right now?

Well I’ve actually just finished a massive 12 months where I had ten exhibitions (four of which were bigger than any previous exhibitions). Now I’m taking a break from exhibiting for two years to focus on my jewellery and getting a web shop up. Then in December 2016 I’ll be exhibiting my baby giraffe…

You are a jeweller and a taxidermist based in Melbourne. What kind of studio do you have?
My studio is in a massive warehouse in Melbourne. I have three jewellers working for me, plus a studio manager and an intern. It’s pretty chaotic at times - there are taxidermy animals, antiques, specimen jars, human skulls and other oddities that I’ve collected over the years.

Can you walk us through a regular day at work?
First we meditate in the morning before starting work, then I normally go to yoga while my jewellers get started on orders. When I get back I do emails, make waxes, pick out gems for rings, meet with clients and if I have time walk the dogs in the afternoon. It depends on the time of year though and what’s going on. If I have an exhibition everything else drops away and we all just focus on that.

Do you have any strategy that you use to boost your creativity?
Meditation, yoga and a wholefood plant based vegan diet. I am far more creative and productive when I feel happy and healthy so I put a lot of effort into looking after myself. I am recovering from burn out from the last 18 months of solid work so next year I’m slowing it down and focusing on my health.

 Photography: James Geer

What moment in your career has been most important to you?
Giving Nick Cave some of my jewellery last week when I met him. He was very taken with it and called me an Angel. He’s my biggest (human) inspiration and I generally listen to his music while I create so it is lovely to know that he’ll be wearing it. Showing at the Adelaide Biennial this year and at the National Gallery of Victoria last year were also pretty cool.

What do you look forward to in 2015?
Having a bit more of a work/life balance. I’ve been working seven days a week for years and years now. I want to start taking weekends off like a normal person!


Julia deVille 20,000 Leagues ring - 18ct white gold, sapphires, rose cut diamonds
Photo by: Terence Bogue

Julia deVille studio shot by James Geer

Julia deVille studio shot by James Geer

Portrait image
Photography: James Geer