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Published: 15.05.2017
Lucie Houdková Lucie Houdková
Jiří Šibor
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Lucie Houdková deals with jewelry since childhood. It is a game and experiment with traditional and untraditional materials. Her inspiration in recent years is based primarily on natural organic forms. She tries to find some kind of harmony and balance in her work. She considers jewelry as an object that complements the personality of her wearer, but at the same time works on its own.

How is living independent jeweler working with less traditional materials such as paper or plastic tape lives?
Of course I do not just work with materials like paper and plastic because it would not make me financially fun :). I also produce jewelry from gold and silver, often custom made or in various galleries. You really have to turn around to keep your jewelry at the same time, while trying to realize new ideas, even if you know you're doing them rather for your own pleasure. You can not, but just work, every year I try to go somewhere abroad and know new countries. The last time was Cambodia and Laos. From these paths I sometimes draw my ideas.

Lucie Houdková. Necklace: Deep, 2010. Tracing Paper, Stainless Steel, Silver. Photo by: Zuzana Kinclová.

In the series Deep, your work creates an impression of voluminousness and lightness, a variable repetition of "ribbing" that reminds of mushrooms - in this case, you are influenced by nature, dreams, ethericity?
A great source of inspiration for my jewelry are natural forms and their structures which I transform with my fantasy. Sometimes I feel like a scientist who tries to find a new shape by experiments with different kind of materials that is hiding somewhere inside me. In a series of jewelry called "Deep" my work is inspired by ocean flora and fauna. The variety and diversity of sea life forced me to create this collection titled. My jewelry reflects mainly the structures of the sponge coral, whitch has impressed me to the extent that i spent most time looking for the best way of expressing the character of this animal and connecting it with my own imagination and intention.
Lucie Houdková. Brooch: Deep, 2016. Paper, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silver. Photo by: Patrik Borecký & Tomáš Brabec.
Lucie Houdková. Brooch: Deep, 2016. Paper, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silver. Photo by: Patrik Borecký & Tomáš Brabec.

On other hand your works from next collection "Cocoons" evocate me spirit of animalism - I wait for some transformation, change from glossy surface - can you explain me your posture?
The serie of jewelry called “Cocoon” is very different from collection “Deep”. I called jewelry “Cocoons” because it resemble shelter of caterpillars. They are created the same slow process of layering material. Some of the shapes is possible even open as a box and inside you can hide something, that is like a insect cocoons which hide process of changing (life). Later I started connecting shapes and create the big necklaces which is coming from my darker side. I like horror and sci-fi movies and one of my favorite artist is H.G.Giger - many from this are reflects in my work.
Lucie Houdková. Brooch: Deep, 2016. Paper, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silver. Photo by: Patrik Borecký & Tomáš Brabec.
Lucie Houdková. Necklace: Cocoon, 2012. Plastic Tape, Epoxy Resin, Elastic. Photo by: Lucie Houdková.

Lucie Houdková. Necklace: Root, 2014. Plastic Tape, Epoxy Resin, Ruber. Photo by: Petr Toman.

What piece or work serie has given you the most satisfaction?
I can´t choose just the one jewel I´am the most satisfied with. I'm always the most satisfied with the work I have just finished. Last time it was the brooches from serie of Deep/Black/White.

What do you expect when exposing your work to the public (for example with an exhibition)?
I do not expect anything, too much expectation is disappointing. I always leave to surprise myself.  
What was the last inspiration, from other kinds of art or maybe from some life situation or alternatively from something other?
Recently I was inspired by the material as paper. I often work that I discover some new material or technique I want to use it with my older designs.
Where do you participate in the coming days, months - (events, exhibitions)?
In the near future I will take part in the exhibition IDENTITY in Legnica, Poland 19.-21.5. where I  was awarded Inhorgenta Munich Award. And as a part of our jewelry association UNOSTO, we will take part International Triennial of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec and Nisou.
  Lucie Houdková. Object: Deep, 2012. Tracing Paper, Stainless Steel. Photo by: Petr Toman.  


About the Interviewee

Lucie Houdková born 1984 in Brno, Czech Republic works and lives in Prague.

Education: 2008-2010 Academy of Arts Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech Republic studio K.O.V.-Concept, Object, Meaning, doc. Eva Eisler. 2004-2007 Academy of Arts Architecture and Design, Prague, Czech, Republic studio of Metal, ak. Sculptor Karel Vratislav Novák ( 2004-07), doc. Eva Eisler (2007). 2000-2004 Secondary School of Applied Arts, Brno, Czech Republic, studio of Toy and Decoration Arts, ak. Sculptor Radan Pantůček. Scholarship 2008 National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. Studio of Metal.
In Public Collections: Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Czech Republic and Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.
In Private Collection: Alliages in Lille, France. Karl Bollmann, Austria. Nancy Olnick, USA. Susan Grant Lewin, USA. Helen Drutt, USA. Doris Baudenbacher, Luxembourg. Atelier EM, Slovakia.
Awards:  2017 INHORGENTA MUNICH AWARD.  2006 Metal and Jewelry studio price, AAAD
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About the author

Jiří Šibor, 1966 Brno, Czechoslovakia. Since 1990 exhibited abroad and home, occupy mind by theme "Cold Connected Constructions" in jewelry; occasionally graphic designer, sculptor, curator of exhibitions and correspondent.