Masters of the Crafts. Angela Böck on EXEMPLA in Munich

Published: 11.12.2019
Konrad Stoll. Object: Untitled, 2019. Iron. 43 -18.5 cm. Photo by: Karina Hagemann. Part of: Exempla 2020. Konrad Stoll
Object: Untitled, 2019
43 -18.5 cm
Photo by: Karina Hagemann
Part of: Exempla 2020
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Since 1970 the EXEMPLA is the biggest special show at the International Trades fair in Munich happening every march. Located on almost 1000 square meters, about 20 items, presented by craftsmen, makers, artists, most of them demonstrating their work in live workshops. Just as SCHMUCK, MEISTER DER MODERNE or TALENTE, EXEMPLA is a special show in the “Handwerk and Design” pavilion during the “Internationale Handwerkmesse München. EXEMPLA has the aim to present exquisite craftsmanship on the highest level and proof that artisanal achievements are a crucial part of our everyday culture. Even more, crafts deserve to be considered an essential element of society.