Material Dignity in the Art of Gabriele Kutschera. An Interview at Radio FRO

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Published: 26.07.2019
Gabriele Kutschera Gabriele Kutschera
Pamela Neuwirth
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Gabriele Kutschera. Brooch: Untitled, 2016. Gold, iron.. From series: Sonne, Mond und Mars. Gabriele Kutschera
Brooch: Untitled, 2016
Gold, iron.
From series: Sonne, Mond und Mars
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The Austrian artist Gabriele Kutschera has broken conventions and taken new dimensions in a number of areas. In the interview, the artist talks about author jewelry craft, blacksmithing and their philosophical devotion to art.
The Austrian artist Gabriele Kutschera is primarily dedicated to the medium of forging technology. However, through the process of finding the right shape for the material iron, she not only achieves sculptural results but also creates an exciting graphic work. Their artistic conception is primarily about the connection of rhythmic systems with the time factor. According to Kutschera, for instance, he understands the impact of the blacksmith's hammer as a temporal unit of measure, which she transfers to her sculptures. She makes music visible by drawing linear systems on paper rolls while listening. The movement-oriented paper and the line applied to it merge into a dialogue of timelines and diagrams. A condensing of the contextual references becomes clear through the juxtaposition of the timelines with Kutschera's sculptural compositions. The iron sculptures defy their materiality and are treated like threads or ribbons that form into spindles, balls or loops. In doing so, the artist does not abandon the small interruptions, thickenings and knots that point to temporal dimensions in the sense of the artistic conception.

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