Success is a Peculiar Concept. Interview with Elena and Chiaralice Rizzi From OhMyBlue

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Published: 12.02.2019

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The new series by Klimt02 offers space for questions, ideas, and discussions about galleries, artists and the current jewellery market. This is the second interview in a series of interviews with gallerists and art dealers from around the world.

We continue with Elena and Chiaralice Rizzi, some of the most visible ambassadors of contemporary jewellery in Italy. The gallery was founded in Venice in 2013 and is built on a direct relationship with the artists. The gallerists work with what they like, so you’ll find established and young jewelry artists but as well as pieces of clothing, and headpieces. Their aim is combining and juxtaposing well known things and pieces the customers have never seen before, so people can contextualize and feel comfortable.