Susan Pietzsch: Answers to the interview Market, lies and websites.

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Published: 03.01.2007
Susan Pietzsch Susan Pietzsch
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Jewellers should expose to other artistic fields (if they call themself artists). Maybe it would open new experience.
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Is contemporary jewellery a restricted matter of a small group of people?
Unfortunately yes.

The relationship between jewellers and art galleries is of mutual necessity, but the jeweller seems to be dissatisfied (frustriert). When must the jeweller consider (bedenken)a new relationship? Why don’t new alternatives emerge? Is it perhaps the incapacity (unvermögen) to reach a new agreement (abkommen) or is it just that deep down jewellers have adapted (angepasst) to things as are now?
Well, first of all, I think art galleries (I mean real professional art galleries) usually don’t exhibit contemporary jewellery. Galleries exhibiting jewellery, are specialized galleries for new jewellery, or craft galleries.
If we look carefully there are not many jewellery galleries working the professional way (compared with real art galleries). In my opinion the circle of jewellery is narrow and is not open for various cooperation in the artistic field.
I think jewellers are dissatisfied because the business is not running very well (I guess). But as there is not a big selection of galleries working with jewellery it’s hard to consider a new relationship.
Alternatives don’t emerge cause jewellery is a hard business and it is not easy to make an economical way (again we may compare with other art galleries).

In the free information age, Internet, gallery owners have lost their power situation as anyone has access to all kind of information that had been treasured as if it was gold dust. When will we believe that we are the only ones that can make possible a change? Is it perhaps, the responsibility that each one has the only way of changing some situations?
Our running information age has good and bad points. I believe that everybody has to clean up his own interest to work on. Then the open information will give as a possibility to emerge stronger power with same-minded persons.

We are waiting for a saviour, to save us from our ills; a person who stands up for us while we are lagging behind. When will we realize that in order to achieve these changes we will have to start making decisions and changing attitudes?
When? I think now.

Is it a question of professionalism?
A question of professionalism, a question of openness and of arrogance.

We accept the established order, but we do not agree with it… What’s wrong?
Road responsible persons are hard to find in our society There are a lot of selfish ones. Taking care of the development of our contemporary culture would need a huge non-selfish engagement.

Contemporary jewellery moves in a rather limited market, for many reasons including the fact that it does not move a large amount of money. The issue would be to enlarge this market… but how can we do it?
In my opinion a stronger network – not inside the jewellery scene. It’s better to go outside and telling about our works. Not many people know about.

Why is contemporary jewellery not so well known?
The scene is small and narrow. Just a few schools and academies are leading the “hype”. That’s sick I think. Jewellers should expose to other artistic fields (if they call themselves artists). Maybe it would open new experience.

How is the market? If I sell, would that be enough for me?
Well, enough to live anyway.

Is the Internet a solution? Should we pay for it?
Internet could be a solution using email services. Also it could be a solution to give the chance to many, many people getting known about jewellery. But if the circle is closed to jewellers it will not help to emerge a better situation. I think jewellers should use all possibilities to introduce their works, always to everybody.

And this will be not an easy job, cause, in the beginning, it costs a lot of power and doesn’t give that much back. So step-by-step it will go better.
So thank you klimt02 for the good job you do. !!!

About the Interviewee

Susan Pietzsch
I studied jewellery design and I continue my freelance work since I finished my study in 1996. Parallel I develop the (Schmuck)2 projects to open the field of jewellery with artists, art-historians, designers, etc. With (Schmuck)2 I set myself the goal, to promote a vibrant and multi-faceted image for contemporary styles of jewellery to a broad public, using unconventional concepts that move between fine and applied arts.