What started as a pastime, became an obsession and has been so ever since. Interview with Susanne Henry

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Published: 05.02.2024
Susanne Henry. Necklace: Paperchain Infinity, 2015. Steel, sterling silver. 91.44 x 6.35 cm. Photo by: Jocelyn Negron. From series: Paperchain. Susanne Henry
Necklace: Paperchain Infinity, 2015
Steel, sterling silver
91.44 x 6.35 cm
Photo by: Jocelyn Negron
From series: Paperchain
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New Klimt02 member Susanne Henry embraces contemporary jewellery as a canvas for personal expression. Enchanted by its emotional depth and technical challenges, she crafts narratives that transcend materialism using common steel, fostering experimentation and exploration.