Tradition as The Base, The Future as a Model. Cornelia Lutz and Frank Neidlein on Handwerk & Design in Munich. An interview by Klimt02

Published: 28.02.2019
Photo by GHM.
Photo by GHM

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Organizing a successful fair requires attention to detail, creativity, and strategic planning. A fair is an opportunity for Exhibitors from around the world to present their goods and services to an interested audience. Since a fair is a large event with a variety of moving parts, it is important to have a strong planning group to provide support. A Fair organizer will also need a huge number of workers for the day of the fair, to assist with setup, staff registration, security, catering and to direct participants. If a fair has a dedicated team to assist, you can make a successful fair happen. For a successful fair, details make the difference. The Team of Handwerk & Design manage to create a memorable experience for exhibitors and visitors by anticipating their needs.

We talked with two main figures from the operator’s team, Cornelia Lutz, the project manager and Frank Neidlein project coordinator of Handwerk & Design.