We want to break the hierarchy between craft and art. Interview with Florance Xia and Noga Zhang Shahar from Froots & Nogart

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Published: 15.05.2019

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The series by Klimt02 offers space for questions, ideas, and discussions about galleries, artists and the current jewellery market. This is the fifth interview in a series of interviews with gallerists and art dealers from around the world.

We continue with FROOTS & Nogart, a leading western art and design agent and brand in China. It represents artists and designers from around the world, organizing a wide range of commercial, academic, and cultural activities in China.
Situated at the heart of the Shanghai art and business center, the company’s showroom functions as an operation base, hosting solo and group exhibitions.  In addition, FROOTS & Nogart is engaged in a range of other activities including Chinese online vending, art fairs, museum exhibitions and more. We talked with Florance Xia,Director of FROOTS Gallery and Noga Zhang Shahar Chief Curator of FROOTS Gallery and Founder of NOGART(Agency)