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Published: 16.10.2014
Sanna Svedestedt
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We hope you enjoy browsing through this new site! As you see there are a lot of exciting changes made to From a fresh graphic design, new categories, new search & filter tool all the way down to a new database and a new Content Management System. But what does all of this really mean?
Let’s get into detail about how these improvements will benefit Klimt02 members, followers and readers by asking some questions to Klimt02 founders Amador Bertomeu & Leo Caballero.

The internet and the communication channels have changed dramatically since the start of Klimt02 in 2002. How has adapted to these changes?
Yes, since the start of Klimt02 until now things have changed considerably. Our goal was simply to create the best place possible for gathering information so this information can be transformed into knowledge. Now, some years later, our mission remains the same. But now, to give better information means to adapt so our first goal is a reality. That means better content, better images, and above all to fulfill the commitment to be a functional service. Conceptually we understand that this happens mainly for being more relational. We try to reproduced, as it is explained in our video, that reality is a network.
Over the last decade there has been an increase in jewellers, jewellery schools and galleries from all continents. For those who were not active in the field of art jewellery "back in the days" can you explain the original idea behind
Original in our case, was not so the idea of ​​the innovation but rather going to the source of how intuitive thinking works - select, connect and show - in this case, a creative scene. Through criteria, from our own and more or less inclusive, group works, pieces, jewellers, institutions, schools, thoughts, words ...  had to explain the inherent creative language of the work of artists.
Why was a new version of the website necessary?
We had outgrown the old database and we needed more possibilities of relating all the information, adding new content and to offer services to users and members that were not possible before. We also required a new graphic layout of publication.
What has been the hardest part in the development of the new site?
No doubt there are two parts of the development that have been very complicated. First figuring out the structure and function of the new database to allow us to evolve and keep growing. The second part was migration of all the data to the new database.
Who has been involved in the events?
We have been working on conceptualization, analysis and implementation for almost three years. It is a process that goes from choosing our IT Manager through us all, including our team and some external collaborations that have helped us in the vision of business that we want to make real.
How does it work with the rights to publish photos and texts?
A relevant part of what you see on is produced by different authors: jewellers, curators, writers, gallerists, press offices, publishers and so on. The copyright of contents belong to each jeweller, curator, writer, publisher, press office, gallerists, museum, organization, school or photographer and so on who created the content. For using photos, texts or any other content that you find at Klimt02, you have to get the proper permission. You can ask for permission to use material by email to Klimt02. We will either provide the permission or we will direct you to the owner of the rights. Commercial use is not allowed at any case.  
How is safety and integrity of Klimt02 members protected?
We are serious about guarding the security of your personal information and the details of any transactions made. We take technical and organizational security measures appropriate to protect your data against unauthorized disclosure or processing. Klimt02 works under a Thawte® SSL123 Certificates having the fastest issuance time to enable encrypted connections quickly to our web server.

In the next phase there will be a new section where Klimt02 presents the profiles of professionals connected to the jewellery scene. Tell us a bit more about this new feature.
This is another step of the idea of ​​a “networking net”. Professionals such as photographers, curators, essayists, editors, teachers, etc will have profiles that highlight their input and ideas. We know that working together with different professionals is essential to a better end product. We hope that these different sectors can further open their services to other professionals. The primary purpose of this new space is to provide the possibility of professional contacts and to connect the jewellery artists to work with other professionals. For example we want jewellers to choose a photographer whose work they like and not just for the mere fact of being a friend. Network needs to be improved going from a relationship of cronyism towards merit.

For the best use of the new website, what advice would you give to Klimt02 users?
There are two ways to take advantage of Klimt02: Explore and Focus. The two are compatible but also function separately. You can explore what is happening in the current international situation and you can also focus investigation to all related elements around a specific area of interest. In other words, Klimt02 is a magazine and a documentation centre at the same time. A user can know where, when and what an artist is exhibiting. Students can have structured information (images, texts, publications, studies, workshops, etc) compiled since 2002 from over 6000 items, and through this get important knowledge to help them to improved in their training.
What else is there to look forward to and when will the webpage be finished?
Development does not stop and hopefully never ends. If we talk about the current changes we can say that we are now in the first phase of implementation of all that we have been working on. Soon we will add a new working area for members, where you will be able to access and manage information the information on your pages. We will also launch a new Newsletter and a new section for Videos. Shortly it will be possible to organize the works of the jewellers by grouping the works in series: by year, by concept, by series of work.
We are very excited that in the near future we will publish a special section: Jewels. Right now we can only say it will be different and we are thrilled because ultimately it will fulfill one of our prime objectives: the piece. The jewel is the reason for everything we are doing.

We will announce the new tools at the web and in the coming newsletters so keep an eye out for that. And please, surf, explore and enjoy the new home of art jewellery. We look forward to hearing your comments!