Contemporary Jewelry for Me is like a Language. Yajing Yao interviewed with Klimt02

Published: 11.09.2020
Yajing Yao. Brooch: BREATHE XIVIII, 2020. Argentium silver wire, sterling silver.. From series: Space. Yajing Yao
Brooch: BREATHE XIVIII, 2020
Argentium silver wire, sterling silver.
From series: Space
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Handmade can build a special relationship with jeweler and wearer. As a jeweler, when I create something, I put all my emotions in to wire. Also handmade for me is unique, hands can create the most beautiful, natural, abstract…sense of feeling. The process tells my story, while I am weaving. It builds a space to extend my jewelry to the world, as a tiny wearable sculpture.